CA003 Personal finance  management and carrier development 2
IN27083 Biostatistics, scientific methodology, and ethics on animal experimentation 4
IN27101 Clinic biochemistry: metabolic and laboratory aspects  4
IN27092 Genetic resources conservation: zootechnical and biotechnological aspects 4
IN27097 Hydroelectrolyct and acid-base imbalance 4
IN27839 Clinical and anatomopathological diagnosis of ruminant diseases 4
IN27084 Dissertation writing 10
IN27088 Immunologic, molecular, and histopathological diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases 4
IN27090 Entrepreneur, innovation, and intellectual property 3
IN27096 Seminars 2
IN27093 Special topics in clinical surgery of farm animals in the field 4
IN27094 Special topics in management and medicine applied to Northeast horses' agribusiness  5
IN27095 Topics in sanity and management of neonates and young animals 3
IN27100 Special topics 2
IN27099 Special topics is small animal's surgery 3
IN27098 Special topics in animal imaging 4
IN27080 Special topics in small ruminant nutrition and quality of derivated products 4
CA0001 Natural history of emergent and re-emergent Brazilian zoonosis 2
CA004 One Health: fundaments and application on research 4
CA0002 Fish parasitology in a pisciculture context 2